Supernatural Phenomena

Supernatrual phenomena are usually caused by experienced and skilled minds.

There are lots of serious meditators heard often here and there around the world performing supernatural activities. Of course scientific minds may point out various questions about their abilities. But as we have learnt about super powers, a trained mind can do amazing things beyond our expectations. Here I am telling you about such wonders:

Topics list:

1. Shivcharan

2. jama

3. Banavantey

4. Kuda Bux

5. others


1. Shivcharan


Around 15o years ago, he was born in this hilly district of Khagrachari[1]. It is said that, he simply used to disappear and appear instantly to the desired place.


· Once his mother prepared tiffin for him. He reserved it covered with a leaf at one place and after 12 years he returned there. He unveiled the leaf and ate the tiffin that was still steaming as if it was served right at that time!

· In the rainy season, when streams overflowed, people suffered while crossing the streams. At that time, Shivcharan used to make dams simply placing a tiny bamboo stick vertically in the middle of the streams. Then people crossed it easily until water level rose up to the top of the bamboo.

· He also healed the people just by prescribing water or roots of herbs.

· He didn’t die normally, rather disappeared. He said that when this hilly district would be prosperous and developed, he would take birth again in a noble family.

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  1. 2. jama

In the hilly district of Rangamati[2] in Bangladesh[3], a hill is distinguishably situated known as Jamachug[4], the peak of Jama hill. The peak is famous for its natural scenery of hills and great Kaptai Lake[5]. Also it was the living place for tigers although they are now in extinction. It was deserted for above 35 years. Once Jama lived there with his family. He was long haired and acquired supernatural powers through sacred texts(mantras). His original name was Imilickkya chakma. With his strong power of sacred mantras, ferocious animals never harmed him or his family. He meditated on that peak by making a fire.

Jama died in an old age. After his death, his family left that hill. He foretold before his death that this place would be famous and would become a holy place. Now after his death of around 80 years, the place becomes famous for its natural beauty along with a Buddhist monastery for secluded monks.


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  1. 3. Banavantey



Banavantey is a Buddhist monk living in Rangamati Rajbanavihar[6]. Now His age is around 90. His original name is Sadhananada Mahathero, popularly known as Banavantey. He followed the ancient path of Buddhism and lived in the secluded forests for more than 12 years. He has made a Buddhist renaissance in this hilly region. He is said to have attained Arahatta, the ultimate deliverance through the path of ascetic meditation. His life is so interesting that I made a blogsite on him. You can take a look at this blog site: Banavantey: the Arahata.


Unlike other Indian ascetics, the problem with the Buddhist monks is that they are reluctant to expose themselves before people as a possessor of supernatural powers. Because, they don’t want name and fame but the good for the mankind. However, incidentally some facts do happen. Here are a few of them:


    • See through things: As I have said, Banavantey is a Buddhist monk and famous, so lots of people offer Him various things daily for religious merits(mainly food, medicine, and other daily necessities). Once, He was delivering his religious speech to the people. At that time, someone came with a few things to offer. Banavantey accepted everything except a coconut. When the man was going to offer that coconut too, Banavantey said, – no, no. not that one. The man respected him too much and apparently could not accept His word. So he again tried to offer Him that coconut. Now Banavantey pointed a large table and said- put it there. The man hesitantly said- But Vantey, This is the first fruit of my coconut tree. I brought it just for you.

Then Banavantey pointed a doctor sitting beside Him and said- Give it to him. The doctor accepted the coconut from the man and kept it with him. At night when breakfast was being prepared for the next morning, the doctor broke the coconut and amazingly saw that there was no juice, no coconut pulp inside it. There was nothing to eat! That’s why Banavantey didn’t accept it!


    • Power of reading the mind: Notice in the following dialogue where Banavantey started his questions abruptly in the subject of drinking.


One day, a couple came to Banavantey. Banavantey asked them- Where have you come from?

-We have come from Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh), the husband answered.


The people of Dhaka drink liquors. They drink liquors too much, is that right?

-Yes, Some people drink.


-How do they drink?

-Some drink at home, and some other drink at bars.


-Well then, being drunk, doesn’t anybody become crazy in the roads?

-Very rare.


-You drink liquor or not?



Then Banavantey asked the woman,- who is this man?

-My husband.


-He was talking to me, but now why he is muted?

-He has a habit of drinking liquor too.


-He can talk loudly while talking about others, now why he is quiet talking about himself?

-He is ashamed, that’s why he cannot talk about himself.


-Doesn’t he feel ashamed while drinking liquors? It is prohibited in all religions. In this life and after-life, there is nothing for it except sufferings. With excessive drinking of alcohols, even children are not born.


Then the couple wept and urged to Banavantey- We have no child. We are praying blessings from you for a child.

-Calm down. Don’t talk too much, Banavantey said. He then asked the woman- What does your husband do?

-He rents some shops and buildings. He also owns a hotel.


-Then he is a rich man?



-How many years you are married?

-Around 11 years.


-For how many years, your husband used to drink alcohols?

-long before our marriage.


-How much money he spends daily in drinking?

-Minimum 150 taka.(about 3 dollar)


-And maximum?

-While with friends, it’s a lot of money.


-Well, give me an account, in total how much money he has spent for drinking?

-Above a few lakhs.(around ten thousand dollars)


-That means, he has digested the property of a king.

-We have tried in every way, the allopathy, homeopathy, herbal and even the fakirs for a child but we have failed. Now we are planning to go to London for higher treatment. Before going, we are praying the blessings from fakirs and saints. That’s why we have come to you too. Please bless us.


-I am telling a few words. Listen to it and obey attentively. Tell it to your father-in-law and mother-in-law as well as your parents. Tell them such that your husband takes one of the two’s. What are those two’s? Liquor or rice. Either he will drink only liquor or he will eat only rice. Blessing is later, at first one of my two conditions must be fulfilled.


The woman returned with a joyful face and the man with a pale face!



  • Keeping His mother’s promise: When Banavantey left His ordinary life to become a monk, His mother told him- Wherever you go, come here to see me before my death. Then after a long period of time, two days before His mother died, He visited His mother. His mother, lying on the bed, told Him- You have come this evening. If you would have come this morning, I could manage a meal for you. Banavantey promised her to go to the next morning and came back to monastery with His disciples after a long journey of more than 400 kilometers.


Then in the next morning, He instructed His disciples not to call him during the morning meal. He then entered into His room, remained there for the whole morning meal period.


It was verified that He took that morning meal in His mother’s house. It should be mentioned that, the fastest route to His mother’s house from the monastery is by road. But Banavantey didn’t use the car in that day. During the morning meal, to cross 400 hundred kilometers within a few minutes(probably in a moment), whatever the trick is, but it is surely amazing.



You can read in details about him in this link: Banavantey: the arahata.

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  • 4. Kuda Bux: I can remember, I saw him more than 12 years ago, in a tv program, cycling in a busy road of London while his eyes were wrapped with bandages. Now when I started to write about supernatural activities, I found the following facts through googling of internet:

      • Kuda Bux was famous for his Xray eyes and fire walking.
      • He was born at Kashmir on 15th October, 1905. He moved to London in 1935.
      • During 1935 Kuda Bux cooperated with psychical researcher Harry Price in two fire walk tests under control conditions, on September 9 and September 17. Scientific observers carefully monitored all aspects of the fire walk. Kuda Bux’s feet were examined, and no chemical or other preparation was discovered. The temperature of his feet was taken before and after the walk and was found to be slightly lower after it. His feet were not blistered or injured in any way. The skin was soft and not calloused; moreover the feet were washed and dried before the walk. The surface temperature of the fire trench on the second day was 430°C. The trench was 25 feet long by 6 feet wide and 9 inches deep. Kuda Bux walked the trench deliberately and steadily in 4.5 seconds; the estimated time of contact of each foot with the burning embers was half a second. The tests were photographed and a cinematographic record taken. A volunteer European, Digby Moynagh, attempted the walk on both days but suffered some blistering of the feet. A full report of the tests appeared in Bulletin II of the University of London Council for Psychical Investigation in 1936. These tests made Kuda Bux well known, and he performed in British variety theaters with his impressive act of “eyeless sight.” (Fire departments would not permit fire trenches to be built on stage for demonstrations of fire walking.)
      • In 1938 Kuda Bux traveled to the United States to demonstrate his fire walk for a Robert Ripley “Believe It or Not” radio program and later became a member of the Society of American Magicians. He demonstrated his eyeless vision act widely and in 1945 rode a bicycle through the heavy traffic of Times Square in New York while blindfolded.
      • In 1938 Kuda Bux traveled to the United States to demonstrate his fire walk for a Robert Ripley “Believe It or Not” radio program and later became a member of the Society of American Magicians. He demonstrated his eyeless vision act widely and in 1945 rode a bicycle through the heavy traffic of Times Square in New York while blindfolded.

    Magicians claim that such performances are tricks, in spite of the performer’s being heavily blindfolded, with balls of dough placed over the eyes and secured with yards of bandages. The skeptical view is that the dough and bandages are shifted sufficiently by the performer to enable him to squint underneath them. However, Kuda Bux claimed that his performance consisted of feats of mental concentration, establishing a link between his mind and outside objects, although he admitted to practicing conjuring tricks in his acts.


    I can conclude that there must be something with mental concentration that made him capable to perform those feats.


    Look, I found an interesting comment here about Kuda Bux:

    · I saw kuda bux around 1950-51 in anderson, sc. He was amazing. I assisted in putting on the dough and other items to blindfold him. Lol, he also found that i had omitted dotting an i in the word philadelphia. At this show he also extinguished a lighted candle by supposedly shooting it out using a .22 caliber rifle with his back to the candle and the rifle pointed backwards over his shoulder. This could possibly have been rigged, but the other performances i cannot figure out how he did it. Comment by charlie h. — march 16, 2008 in This is a comment made in response to an article describing one of kuda bux’s performance. You can visit the above site for a full demonstration.

    Finally I discovered a website written by Vincent j. Daczynski, where demonstrations of kuda buxs’ xray eyes and ability to walk on fire are described. Kuda Bux was performing his feat of Xray eyes. He explained there that this power of seeing like xrays is nothing but a result of continuing practice of concentration. He said that everyone can do it, if he practices his meditation with a light daily. He offered people to teach them in order to get these powers, but all refused to learn because it would require 20 years! As kuda bux lived as a magician, so there might be tricks hidden in these feats. But according to him, it is just the result of his continuous meditation practice.

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    1. 5. Others: If you see the website: you will see there are not only Kuda Bux, the Indian mystic, but also others who possess some supernatural powers. For example:

    · Prahlad Jani in India who has no Food for 65 Years.

    · Tat Wale Baba in India proves Anti Aging Youthful at Age 85.

    · Devraha Baba in India 250+ Years Old

    · Yogi Pullavar in India shows self levitation

    · Edward Leedskalnin in Florida, USA, The Mystery of Coral Castle

    · Charles F. Lutes, in USA, the healer.

    · Sathya Sai Baba, Man of Miracles in India

    · Maharishi Mahesh Jogi, the teacher of invincibility


    This website also describes about the experiences of other paranormal activities like levitating through transcendental meditation. Also there are some detailed descriptions about some people having supernatural powers like ESP, clairvoyance, hypnotism, levitation etc. For a detailed description, you must go to this site:

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    Foot notes:


    [1]. Khagrachari: This is a hilly district, situated in the south east hilly region of Bangladesh, famous for its majestic hill view, cool Buddhist monasteries, lakes on the hill tops, caves and natural scenes. For details you can visit(any tourist site in Bangladesh).

    [2]. Rangamati: This is another hilly district of Bangladesh situated just beside Khagrachari. This is famous for its tourist sites, cool lakes, Buddhist monasteries, water rides and of course for the lifestyle of indigenous chakma people. For details you can visit (any tourist site in Bangladesh).

    [3]. Bangladesh: A south east asian country where I live in.

    [4]. Jamachug: A tourist spot named under the ascetic Jama, famous for its magnificent view of hills and lakes, it gives a spiritual sense to visitors. Also there is a Buddhist monastery.

    [5]. Kaptai Lake: A lake created for a hydroelectric project in Kaptai Dam. A journey by boat in this lake through its cool water is inexplicable!

    [6]. Rangamati RajbanaVihar: It is a Buddhist Monastery where Banavantey lives. It becomes a center for the greatest religious festivals of Buddhist people all over the country of Bangladesh.(any tourist site in Bangladesh)

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    27 Responses to “Supernatural Phenomena”

    1. Kiran Kumar June 30, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

      Good to hear of such stories!!!
      Even Heard of people with supernatural powers in the The Great Himalyas but are invisible to normal humans…
      Sathya Sai Baba in India is in the Fourthstage of Consiousness while Lord Buddha and sai baba of shirdi has reached all the seven stages of consiouness, “they are called sadguru”…

      • Ramsagar August 12, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

        Sathya Sai Baba is truly god himself.

    2. RAJIV UPPAL July 3, 2013 at 2:24 am #

      Hello Sir,I wanted to know about supernatural powers.A normal man get it or not ,if yes please tell me how?

      • Roadblock April 5, 2016 at 7:43 pm #


      • Krys February 8, 2017 at 5:02 pm #

        Practise meditation and gratitude with ashtashila… i nvr used to believe on supernatural powers until i saw bana bhante in bangladesh… if u will practise meditation to get supepowers u will nvr reach ur goal.. u have to do it with good n non gready heart.. grattitude 🙂

    3. anu July 20, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

      Good information. Thnx

    4. Pratik Adarsh August 27, 2013 at 11:35 am #

      Very nice article,but these mentioned supernatural powers are negligible to I have heared,Go to Kamakhya Mata mandir ,Gohawati and see the Saints whose hairs are about 12 foots .Among them some may be FALSE but real one have amazing powers,like they can alive a person who is proven dead by doctors due to snake bites.I am a student,praparing for JEE 2014,but also giving times to extra activities,presently I am researching on spritual activities.

      • Vaibhav K November 18, 2014 at 1:25 pm #

        Hi pratik.
        I am also researching on these spiritual phenomena. Plsz give ur id or whatsapp number to share our views or experiences

    5. anil October 8, 2013 at 11:06 am #

      good thinking trust harmony helping peoples long meditation no anger is a key to supernatural powers.

    6. Kakeeto mathias August 3, 2014 at 11:04 pm #

      wow.. really interesing, but i my self claiming to have supernatural powers.

    7. *prefer not to say names* July 5, 2015 at 5:28 am #

      Guys , am 14 year olded boy 🙂 , I started learning this since I was 9 its pretty tough in the beginning now it’s true , The stuff about walk on fire and XRay eyes are things you can have super-rarely in your birth , But I learned to levetate small things and myself , meditation is so important and when you finish the first meditation stage you will surley have thoughts , and you will keep talking to yourself in mind or with voice , am already in the fourth level , I can now levetate and I am able to move stuff like Flame , Water , Earth control , the FWE controls are the easiest level since you can do them in the third level of meditation , while leveraging isn’t easy at all , I learnt both of my supernatural powers in the age of 13 , the 2nd meditation level makes you have the ability to be smart , super smart , since you can (For Example : Read minds out of body language ) which is easy and its one of the basics , 150 years ago the best supernatural human had the ability to disappear from a place and appear in the desired place, now am practising the 5th level of meditation which is extremely hard and maybe takes me a lot of years but then I could maybe have the ability for invinciblity , but when am in the 5th stage , I will have lessons from the invincibility master maharishi yogi ( not jogi) and when I master invincibility I will train the hardest thing ever , teleportation , and teleportation is taking me at least 20 years of training . but then I will be in my full power and I don’t think I would reach more than the 4th stage , but I hope I do anyways. Supernatural powers are not a legend , they exist everywhere ,every single element in the universe.

      • Ambaji Rao December 11, 2015 at 2:40 pm #

        Could you explain those 7 meditation stages in briefly…How to do… symptoms of those stages… significance of each stage….

      • bichu March 10, 2016 at 7:53 pm #

        wud like to knoe a few things bout urself!!… whatsapp me at 7034501974

      • surendra May 17, 2016 at 12:25 am #

        hI * prefer not to say names*

        How can i contact you. my mobile no 716367062
        Surendra/Sri Lanka

      • Vennela November 16, 2016 at 11:05 pm #

        Hi “Prefer not to say names”

        Can i have your contact number??? Please….

      • Rajbir November 17, 2016 at 8:01 pm #

        This is amazing…I’m always fascinated by supernatural powers..I wish I could achieve this in my life…but How to start..?I’m already 26..:-(

      • ZAD February 12, 2017 at 1:00 am #

        How can i contact you?

    8. Ganesha kumar gouda September 14, 2015 at 11:43 am #

      Is there any logic that can prove the existence of supernatural power or supreme soul if yes send me on my whatsup no I.e 7520437745

    9. ASHISH KUMAR JAIN November 13, 2015 at 8:30 pm #


    10. India November 27, 2015 at 5:06 pm #

      This is interesting article. Thanks for all the information and worthwhile comments on this blog post.

    11. rishabh January 3, 2016 at 6:02 am #

      This stuff sure is cool i just wonder is it possible for any person to gain such powers? I mean like , just wanting to have it is enough ? Or is it that there are a few chosen who are destined to have these powers? If yes i believe meditation is the only way still am not sure about the concept. Please provide with some light in the matter guys. I feel these powers surely canbe used in many beneficial ways while maintaining secrecy.

    12. ankush February 13, 2016 at 8:28 am #

      If Any how can anybody teach me to get these powers so i will be very pleased !

    13. aman September 17, 2016 at 9:36 pm #

      Hiii guys

    14. berry cute October 24, 2016 at 10:10 pm #

      how can i follow up dis powers


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